W. Salome focuses on scientific and research based best practices in literacy in the areas of English Language Arts, Writing, and Math. Our instructors work in these areas individually and across the curriculum while building partnerships among learners so that they can receive powerful instruction from staff and also help other less capable peers with learning. This approach provides the opportunity to uplift the learner, as well as, gives the learner the opportunity to uplift others. Here are some of the advantages of W. Salome Tutoring.


Our tutoring sessions are available Online, as well as, in-class. It gives the parent and the student an added advantage to schedule the classes. We work around your busy schedule to accommodate your needs.


Intervention studies have demonstrated that one-on-one and small group instruction can assist in closing the gap for struggling and At-Risk students. Our teachers will provide intervention in no more than a one to five student ratio, as well as one-to-one instruction. Differentiated Instruction Plans will be developed for individual students based on the student’s performance on the Phonological Awareness Test, on-going criterion-based assessment from the Language Program and performance on Math Rescue Assessment Activities. Students receive assistance in reading by focusing on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The National Reading Panel asserts that any reading program or intervention program must include these five elements. Our certified teachers and Para educators utilize the following literacy programs to address these five elements.



W. Salome understands the classroom challenges students with learning disabilities face on a daily basis. From students with reading problems and auditory processing problems to those who are formally diagnosed as learning disabled, we will find the right tutor and right plan for each child.

Our programs seek to find creative ways to help students master subjects that have been a source of frustration due to learning disabilities. We help students understand their disability, accept it and find ways to overcome their challenges.

We work with parents, resource and special education teachers and students to compliment existing strategies and plans with our one-on-one tutoring. Our tutors are certified in special education or have special training and educational backgrounds that make them highly qualified experts with regard to your child's needs

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